17 Feb 2009

A Gentle Study

The beginning of a quiet study
from the gardens of the north.

In shade
and morning light
in stems, and leaves
and variation.
In the beauty of nature,
and the act of bringing
living things inside -
the slow
growing of roots
in shallow water,
the mingling of breeze
and the closing up,
drying and
falling of old
The opening of buds too.

A gentle study, unfolding
on the kitchen windowsill
and the bathroom mantelpiece,
the far right corner of my desk,
and the hallway dresser.


  1. Hate to echo the first comment, but that is completely what comes to mind: Beautiful! (ok Stunning too)

  2. Beauteous snapshots:)

    And by the way, I wanted to let you know that some friends of mine are flying your way to help put an end to those bushfires. They are the best of the best. Hotshots. From HERE and other places around the states. Stay cool and stay well sweet peach.

  3. Oh what a beautiful and simple post. I loved the title and love seeing the world through your eyes. I covet such eyes, eyes that can unwind the complexities of life and just sit to watch flora grow.

    For this lens, I cherish you so.

  4. These are very very lovely.

  5. I'm in love with your blog and your etsy.


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