11 Feb 2009

Finding Colour

in an otherwise grey and rainy day:

watercolours mixing, swishing, dropping, spotting
a colourful lunch of homemade guacamole, bean and carrot sticks, and corn in steamed and chip variety

Accompanying my brother to the hardware store only to hang around the colour swatches for an awfully long time - A worker asked me (as I plucked colours of fancy off the walls) what I was thinking of painting; I said a LOT of walls... and now I am thinking they would make brilliant mosaics

Sorting and folding my box of blue fabric for the "blue quilt" which is still at the dreaming stage

And finally I decided at long last to make myself a laptop bag - or should I say to make my laptop a bag. I saved up and bought my very own computer a couple of weeks back; and though I adore PC's to bits (mostly for gaming purposes) I am smitten with my white apple - though it definitely needed some colour of its own!

I worked on a basic tote bag design but included some thick wool wadding, a shoulder strap and went over all the straps a few times just to make it sturdy. I was feeling a bit rusty on the sewing machine and realised I hadn't used it since December 23rd!

I've made the bag so you can carry it like so:

Or over your shoulder:
It still needs a button or two to fasten the top and its probably a little too thin for heavy duty travel but for a cosy colourful pouch to house my little apple while I'm off working or walking or dancing - I think it'll do just fine.


  1. mmmm so lovely! im loving all of these colours!

    oh and doesnt this weather feel so great!?

  2. Ohhhhh, you bought a Mac! I am proud of you girl! You will never look back... And thank you for all that colour on a grey day. (Nice to have the cool after recent heat wave isn't it).

    Also, LOVE the Mac bag! Beautiful fabric, you know I love green & red!

    Love, Shell xx

  3. Aaah.. the colours. The COLOURS. Seeing the paint box reminded me so much of my childhood and makes me want to buy one = now.

    We love the totes, Emily. We swap them, too. At the moment, I'm using the green one for 'current' reading books, even though I chose the blue one. They're so - functional. Glad to see you have treated yourself to your talents!

  4. So you finally bought the mac huh? Good choice although I quite like windows too. Unlike you however I have been embracing the grey weather and absolutely revelling in the simple fact that I must wear a jumper to school! But your very colourful day looks beautiful as well.

  5. Oh - loving the laptop bag! And I love that you have plans for a blue quilt - the fabric looks gorgeous!

    I always wanted to make a quilt but I haven't figured out how to go about it yet. :) Can't wait to see what you make of yours!

  6. the bag is perfect.
    Its so wierd, it being summer there. Here its the middle of winter!

  7. Buying a laptop is wonderfully exciting.

    Speaking of quilts, though my camera is now completely broken and I can't post pictures of the pieces, I'm making a sort of [knitted] quilt of my own. Grey and bright yellow. It's for my new pad.

    Also, I have a zine for you. I'll try to mail it tomorrow.

  8. awe, I love the little bag :)

  9. What a lovely bag! I really wish I could sow!


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