14 Feb 2009

Being Thankful

This Saturday, for

+ Waking to the sound of heavy rain
+And the kindess of my fellow country men (and women); in being so generous towards others.
+Slicing up tiny pears for breakfast

+ Continuing the fruit theme by sewing myself a new yoga bag - the old one was getting a bit worn.
+And looking forward to Stella's yoga workshop today; which is always bound to be beautiful, thoughtful and invigorating... although I practice at home by myself these days, I will always remember Stella as the most enjoyable teacher I ever had

+Valentines Day - I don't usually do anything but this year I thought I would do something little for my family:
Little chocolates. Big Messages. That are true.

Have a weekend full of love and kindness my friends


  1. oh those pears are so adorable, starting the day with those would surely mean a good day ahead! and that yoga bag is just so pretty!
    have you heard of 'yoga today'?
    its a brilliant site that has new, 1 hr videos daily, i absolutely love it, and dont know what i would do without it :)

    hearing about all the help that has been sent to the bushfire victims is just so great, we FINALLY get to see the good side of being a human! yay!

    happy valentines day! i hope you have the most love-filled day EVER!

  2. I'm making your red lentil dahl for dinner tonight. It's perfect for a rainy day!

    I hope you had a beautiful Valentine's Day!

  3. Oh I do love that new yoga bag (and just so you know, mine gets toted proudly through the streets of Seattle on the way to my yoga classes - it's cheery indeed!).

    I've though about you a lot in the past week plus and just been so thankful you live where you do. It is so encouraging to see humanity pull together, but I'm just glad it's not for you this time!

  4. Ailin,
    If you had come over I would surely have saved a pear or two for you. You need to eat at least four to get a proper-sized-pear serving. I'm glad you like my yoga bag - it feels nice to wear around a new bag for my much worn and loved mat. I have never heard of Yoga Today but I think its brilliant! Thank you! It is always good to find new inspiration.

    *smiles* I made red lentil dahl last week and it really is really perfect for this rainy weather.. and I love the hint of cinnamon and mustard.

    Dear Umber,
    When I decided to sew your bag up for the swap I could just imagine you touting around Seattle streets, its red shining out as bright as your smile... Thank you for thinking of me, and I am indeed lucky to live where I am - even if I feel the tingle in my toes to get up and move (often).


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