9 Jan 2009

When the feet of two kindreds meet

The last few days have been glorious. As a Christmas present for mum I said we would go for a little three day getaway to Canberra to see some art, relax and meet up with some dear friends. The beautiful Mechelle (singer-songwriter/mother of 4/lover of life, bright jewellery and a good laugh!) suggested we stay at the little b'n'b cottage her mother-in-law has done up on their farm. "Rosebud" was an absolutely charming place to stay! Not to mention the entire farm...

With its beautiful old timber walls, floors, bright meandering garden, cosy bed, beautiful kitchen, and little thoughtful features - like remnants of old wallpaper:
We went off to the National Portrait Gallery and the National Art Gallery to the "my favourite Australian" portrait exhibition

And of course, to see the marvellous Degas exhibition:
We did some shopping, bought books, ate delicious food, read in bed, listened to the wind in the walls, talked about all aspects of life, love, faith, art
It was just so special to spend a few days with my mum:

- a beautiful and inspiring individual. But it was also magnificent to spend time with other kindreds; being so welcomed and loved by Mechelle and her family, and meeting other friends Helen and Sarah for the first time - after conversing through blogs and emails for some time. I cannot tell you how happy it was to be in the company of such fine, accomplished and creative women! This last year has been significant for me; after years of finding it hard to make close friends (particularly those my age) and feel really comfortable and free to be myself around others I have meet so many incredible individuals that even though I haven't met most of them I know deep in my heart, if we did meet, it would feel so natural. So thank you - all of you special souls - be you in distant suburbs, cities, states, continents - you are an ever-replenishing source of joy and hope that we all live our lives to the fullest, with total faith, that being who we are is the best way to be!
So when the feet of two of kindreds meet you are guaranteed something passionate, wild, happy, unlike anything else.


  1. i repeat - you're an amazing lady miss emily. the trip sounds dreamy - i'd love to do something like that with my mummy who i love and adore and respect and look up to...i'm working on an idea as we speak!
    have a great day

  2. you have (yet again) painted a picture of a lovely weekend scape, complete with mum, colors, breeze, and soul.

    thank you, as always, for sharing

  3. And meeting you reminded me of the fun, freedom and creativity of a darn good debate... yummy - it's food for the intellect. Bless you sweet girl!

  4. Amen to that!

  5. It was so wonderful to see you! Hey, don't our feet look great together! I'm glad you and your Mum had a great time. What a lovely account of your getaway, Rosebud looks beautiful in those photos. Love Shell xx

  6. Ah! What a lovely post - has made my morning very warm indeed.

    I think if we met we would definitely click ^_^

  7. Oh Sweetie,
    I can not tell you how many times I read your words and study your pictures and wish that I could taste and feel the experiences you live in.

    I think that those of us who can regard our mothers as friends and confidants are blessed indeed.

  8. Your mom is so cute! And what style! I now know where you get it from.

  9. Oh my, all your comments warm my heart! Thank you, dear friends!


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