14 Jan 2009

A Trifle Exciting

A request was made for a big trifle in lieu of a birthday cake.
So it was with great pleasure that I prepared the magnificent beast
Which then travelled with me in the car and train -
I was told to "guard it with my life"
and really had to ward off famished commuters and birds alike -
and even had to talk Trifle out of stepping in front of a train
(He knew he didn't have much longer to live)
IT was delicious - and I attribute it to the use of pannettone and a dash of sweet muscat!
Recipe as follows:
This is a bit of slap-dash recipe; with you only using the amount you need for your glass bowl. Slice pannettone or pandoro in 1cm thick stars - cover base and sides of your bowl. Sprinkle all over with muscat or a sweet desert wine. Next make a layer of soft tinned peaches. Cover centre with another star slice of pandoro and sprinkle muscat.
Next make a light layer of sliced strawberries (or any berries you like - frozen are good too). Cover generously with custard - a drop of vanilla essence in your custard is also delicious. Now for the fun bit - carefully make a layer of jelly - I used raspberry (which you have previously set) You don't want to just plop in into the custard layer you want it to lie above - I found gentle sliding it off a spoon worked well. Next make a layer of freshly whipped cream - it works better if the cream isn't too stiff but soft and fluffy - so cream from a can is not advised!
I topped it with lots of fresh berries, curls of chocolate, slithered almonds, and a wee Small Object Candle Girl...

The thing I love about trifle is that they are completely seasonal! You just use the fruit you can buy; be it bananas, passion fruit, plums, rhubarb, even mango!


  1. Oh my word that looks delicious -- happy celebrating!

  2. swoon.
    his name is clancy?

    dear clancy,
    can i be invited to your bday party because i want your cake more than i want to breath.
    the end.

  3. My goodness that trifle looks just as delicious as mum's is. I wonder if you could post it? Where did you celebrate Clancy's birthday and did he like the trifle?

  4. Oh gosh.
    Trifle is the very best dessert ever concocted. It has all of the best components built into it. Bar none.

    Happy Birthday Sir Clancy. Looks like she's treating you right:)

  5. oh that is so delicious!

    happy birthday to Clancy!!

    i just found your blog, and you know what!? i LOVE IT! i just love how you live everyday to the fullest, with simple pleasures. i am definately coming back here, thank you for making me smile :)


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