23 Jan 2009

Summer Aches

Today I feel like Kitty:
It is hot and humid and all I want to do is stretch out and lie somewhere cool - and dark. The kind of weather that ensures permanent sweat stains under your arms and keeps your hair limp and lifeless. Yes, just walking from one room to the next is a complete workout -so I tell myself. All the while you northern hemisphere types bask in your cold; in your snow and ice and wind and sleet. I see you there, snow-baking, sitting by fires with your blankets and hot chocolate talking about how cosy you are! On another note I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday - fully conscious in the chair I might add! But I'm still feeling quite achey... So after waking up (damp) for a poor nights sleep I decided to make the most of my summer day lazing around with good soft food, and company! Why eat tasteless mush when you can broaden your horizon of soft, delicious food!

I started with breakfast by the pool

Bircher muesli (soaked the night before) with grated apple, raspberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon:

Iced green tea; using leftover tea from the pot + and a squeeze of lime:
For lunch I made a zucchini frittata (with carrot, potato, caramelised onion + bacon)
And a side of tinned asparagus and beetroot:
And of course an afternoon treat of homemade ice blocks
(mushed banana+ raspberry + nectarine and nothing else)
I have so many memories of homemade ice blocks as a little girl that it was with complete delight that I was given my own set for Christmas! I like that you can make them with whatever you please and that they are a marvellous way of using up really ripe fruit.

Whats for dinner you ask? Soft zucchini rice from yesterday - and minestrone soup - that once cooked and chilled will be eaten by the pool. To end one's day where it started; cooling down; taking it easy. Happy Friday to you!


  1. Snow baking, hmm I must try that! I wish I flew North for the summer this year - but then again I always do!

  2. Ah dearest Alice, I'm glad you're back! We all need a bit of snow baking (even though I'm not even sure what that means) - can't wait to hear about your northern travels.

  3. Your food posts are delightful. I can't imagine being too warm today - it's -20 C.

  4. Oh! Those homemade iceblocks look so good! :)

  5. OH. i think i want to runaway from Australia right about now, want to join me?
    why does it have to be so hot, its not fair!

    on another note, those foods look delicious! so those are the iceblocks you were talking about! mmm yummy.

    hope you have a good australia day!(however sweaty it might get :s )

  6. sounds like a lovely day! I'll quit complaining about being cold now : )

  7. Hello dear Emily. I so hope you are feeling better from the dentist's visit. I know another young lady who will have to visit him soon... I've been checking your blog each day, looking forward to your posts, and finally realised how to do the 'followers' thing. Late, but reliable. Anyway, does your email work? We've tried to get hold of you per email, and don't know whether you received it or just plain busy. Look forward to reading more about your escapades soon,


  8. No complaints about the cold HERE yet...though I do wish I could shovel some your way to help you cool off:) Instead, I'm going to run barefoot through the snow below the front stoop (a sort of seasonal voodoo therapy) and I'll sing your name out loud as I do it. Tell me if you get the shivers over in Sydney.

    BEautiful foods.

  9. Iced green tea and zucchini frittata sound divine! I think you've inspired my afternoon menu!


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