12 Jan 2009

Strange Sights By The Road

I have heard the story behind this marvellously unexpected sculpture in the sweet town of Collector - but I am still fascinated by its hidden shapes,
its fragility,
skeletal -
precariously lacing the sky in cement and junk.
It reminds me a little of all the sets in Labyrinth (yes, the one with David Bowie). And since the sculpture remains unfinished, I wonder what it was meant to be. The facade of a dwelling, the wall of a maze, the entrance to an overgrown garden, giants trapped in stone... Whatever you think it is, you see.


  1. I vote for the overgrown garden! If it were mine, I'd plant a garden with ivy, willows and oaks,- good old oak trees - just like prophets of old, contemplating the landscape. I've never seen the sculpture captured as you have, Emily. It looks enticing...


  2. Oh what a thing!!!
    I'm with The Machinist's Wife, it needs stuff growing on it...and perhaps a swing nearby.

  3. Maybe all the answers are correct, or maybe we have all got it wrong...

    Either way, art is always best and most loved through the eyes of the beholder.

  4. this is beautiful! is this in Australia? Oh, and thanks for the comment. Your blog is lovely.
    I admire you for wanting to be an Illustrator.


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