25 Jan 2009

Six Months On

Still finding blue,
building my bower,
With two brown eyes
seeking new hues-
of cobalt, azure, aqua, ultramarine, turquoise, navy,
of Prussian, baby, royal, denim, sapphire,
and periwinkle, Persian, cornflower, electric, cerulean -
Be them
slithers in tiles, swatches of fabric
sickles in marbles, coloured concepts,
correspondance, sketches,
fragments of dreams, music of the soul,
Blue grazing -
ocean roaming,
sky gazing
for inspiration,
possibilities -
new discoveries,
in the ordinary
and the overlooked.
This search for blue
is lifelong.

From the last six months


  1. that is such a happy montage, my dear. staring at what you find is akin to laying on rolling hills, finding shapes in the cloud-filled skies.

    thank you for this project.

  2. Beautiful blue... Love it :)

  3. loved that piece of writing, and i love all the beautiful blues that you find, so beautiful.

  4. That is a beautiful poem Emily. It has great movement. I also like the blue mosaic although I don't think you mentioned ultramarine which is my favourite blue!

  5. Well I'll be a bow-legged jellyfish! I didn't even know of so many blue names. But then again... I'm not the bower bird. You are, dear Emily. Hope you are doing ok and that you are still enjoying life. Is your email working?


  6. I just want to peck at your beautiful blue mosaic like a real bower bird... you know I love you and your blue obsession my darling.

  7. I'm sure you will find many more blue treasures for your nest.
    I only hope there are not many blue moods in your collection.

    Lovely post, as always Emily!

  8. Oh sweet friends, thank you, always, for your kind words of encouragement. It really makes me beam.


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