1 Jan 2009

The beginning of something new

the beginning of something new -
I didn't start you by watching fireworks on tv,
Instead I gave you a smile
and felt your cool breeze through my hair.
I took a car journey west
back to the city -
to our house -
half-hidden by trees,
I reflected on the year that passed
and wondered what you will bring.
Even with my head full of dreams
and lists of aspirations
I am drawn to mystery.
You are a beautiful stranger -
full of promise.
My greatest resolution
(if you could call it that)
is to grab hold of you -
with all my being:
loving more fully
working more diligently
creating freely,
with total faith
that there is so much in this great mystery -
Like tonight,
I had no idea you would stage your own sky show:
of gold and grey and blushing pink -
No firework compares,
not one little bit.

1 comment:

  1. I truly believe you will grab tightly on to this new year, and find out a little more about this mystery called life!
    While encouraging many, and loving deeply on your way.

    Happy New Year!


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