20 Jan 2009

A Winning Formula

1. Take a much-loved children's book
2. Print it onto good thick cotton
= and you get something truly
Oh I don't believe I've ever spent so much for two and half metres of fabric but it was irresistible. I went into a quilting store to get a ring and needles (see previous post) and came out with loads of bright fabric! The tricky thing is deciding what to use it for; it'd make a wonderful feature for an apron, bag, quilt, or even as a panel or two on a skirt - but for now I'll just wear it as is!

Thanks to ingenious inventions like Spoonflower it now possible to get almost anything on fabric - I am yet to explore getting some of my own illustrations custom made into fabric but I'd definitely love to - there is something so special about it having fabric of your own. It'd also be great to do your own fabric printing too - while lino printing is great fun I've been given a book on printing fabric using dyes, wax, flowers and other fascinating things I'd like to try.

But tell me what wonderful things/designs/illustrations you'd like to see on fabric? Or even if you've already gone about doing your own!


  1. Oh! I love and adore the Hungry Little Caterpillar! :) That fabric is gorgeous!

  2. that fabric is so pretty and colourfull! anything that you make with it, will surely put a smile on a face because of all those happy colours!

    learning to print on fabric would be just so much fun! and i would love to have something that i have drawn myself printed on fabric.it would be so much cooler on fabric rather than on paper.

  3. What a find! I vote turning it into a bag/several bags/bags and aprons.
    I'm learning to silk-paint next month, I'm so excited! Maybe I'll have some pretty fabric to show you at the end of it :)

  4. AHHHH!

    That settles it. We could share a library.
    By the way, I popped something in the post for you the other day! Watch for it!


  5. p.s. Come to New Zealand with me!

  6. Oh! so many hungry caterpillar kindreds!

    Thats it - Ailin + Caitlin- we're going to explore fabric printing for the next few weeks! Even if we all end up making big messes.

    Dearest Plume - share a librarby we must! and I can hardly wait for a little mail from you *makes camp by the letter box*

  7. A windhover fabric sounds wonderful... I've already started imagining the possibilities... Dresses, bags, bed sheets.


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