10 Dec 2008

What to do on a day off

Yesterday it was my day off so dear Caitlin came to visit. We had planned some crafty and cooking adventures. And although we spent a good part of the day talking and laughing, we did do some crafting. In preparation for the festive season I thought it'd be nice to do some homemade printed cards, wrapping paper, tags and fabric strips for bags. Caitlin opted for potatoes and I for lino: I am quite smitten with these dragonflies!We also got to do a little sewing. I finished off two bag orders headed for Madrid, Spain - and Caitlin made herself a little tote from some beautiful vintage tapestry fabric (look out for photos on her blog!)
It has a hot Tuesday - and in all this printing, talking, eating, dancing we really worked up a sweat. So we decided to live off the most summery and refreshing drink I know: Watermelon + Rosewater Crush:
Watermelon + Rosewater Crush
- chopped watermelon flesh (more than 2-3 cups worth)
-1 cup of crushed ice

-1-2 tablespoons good quality rosewater (I find the organic rosewater at
PerfectPotion is much better tasting and smelling than the supermarket stuff)

Whizz up in a blender or with a bar mixer until all combined. You can add more watermelon or ice or rosewater to taste. You can also try adding some fresh mint leaves or some strawberries.


  1. MAN that drink sounds good. i don't think i could get used to the idea of christmas in summer, but...i guess if you've always had it that way, christmas in cold-ass winter would seem strange too. Love the potato stamps - we used to do that when i was a kid all the time. what a great use for tubers!

  2. Fun! Love the stamps!!!

    I just did my curtains in potatoes. :)

  3. Potato printing is all good in theory but it doesn't work as well as I thought it would. My turtle potato ended up looking like a wonky fat person...
    Those drinks were spectacularly delicious, and perfect for Christmas afternoon drinks in the sunshine - not the snow, is that strange?
    I can't imagine Christmas being cold, I love having the Christmas break for the beach!

  4. Jordan: You must try this drink! I guess Christmas in summer is all I'm used to and yet I have always always longed to have a cold Christmas.

    Diber: Potato stamps rock! but are a little harder in practice than you think... and now I want to see these curtains of yours!

    Caitlin: I know... but your tutle/shirly temple beside a bathtub was still cute. I am thinking of doing watermelon + rosewater drinks for Christmas morning! Christmas breakfast will be the best this year. I want a cold Christmas damn it! Even if I'm used to swimming and sitting in the sun, eating prawns and having cold salads!

  5. Yea, the curtains turned out a little differently than I imagined. http://www.flickr.com/photos/84535172@N00/3078093181/in/photostream/

    But it was still fun!

    (btw, I'm not a stalker *grin* Am on the same mothering forum as your mom)

    I'm intrigued by stamping and may use my Cmas money to go all lino.

  6. nice photography keep it up!!


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