6 Dec 2008


Little sister
Its your birthday
You're 18
(and I'm in denial)
Only you would dye your hair five times in 3 months
Only you would make yourself sandwiches of pure butter as a 2-year-old
Only you would get away with the clothes you do,
and the funny things you say.
Only you would play those elaborate games with me outside
and sing ourselves silly at bedtime.
Only you can hold the hours you do, and have the ability to fall sleep anywhere, anytime of day.
Only you can make me laugh to the point of crying (on the lounge room floor)
Only you are Madeleine, my sister - who is growing more accomplished and impressive by the minute -
I know you,
and you know me best -
So my little sister
who isn't so little
But oh so beautiful -
Happy Birthday


  1. Emily,
    Thanks for these gorgeous photos and memories of Mad! I'm in denial too. It can't possibly be 18 years since she was born (and played the part of baby Jesus at the Christmas Eve service!)She was already acting only 18 days after her birth! She certainly started as she meant to go on. What a gal!

  2. Oh Carolyn,
    That was surely a sign - that even as a babe she was meant to be in the spotlight! I was really happy to stumble across these old (and new) photos too - and that she still has that smile.

  3. A very happy birthday to you, Mad, who I have never met but heard so much about.

  4. D'accord.
    What a girl/woman she is and will ever be.
    Happy Birthday wherever you are our dear Maddie.

  5. C'est Moi, Susan D'Or


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