4 Dec 2008

Today I love:

+Finding a box of Granny's old crockery and this beautiful saucer

+Feeling even better and healthier than yesterday

+Coming home to post from Lizzy and Toni

+Doing yoga outside in the afternoon breeze

+Thinking of my parents and my sister in Tokyo
(on the first day of their holiday and how I'd like to be there too)

+The emerging triangles, squares and birds for my quilt

+Starting new lino block for wrapping paper and garlands

+Dreaming up gift ideas

+Sipping cool water with lemon juice

+This red chiffon dress, and this swimming costume!

+Listening to the kettle boil, faraway football games and children laughing in the park

+Remembering moments that make me smile

+And thinking of building a house in the trees

+Getting ready to see my boy play tonight in The Gentle River Band

And now, tell me - what do you love today?


  1. Today I love filling many hours with beautiful music, the excitment of starting a new book, and great laughs with my Mam.

    It is good to hear your on the mend!

    Oh, I also love the idea of mysterious and individual beings!

  2. Sounds like you're becoming a very busy lady again, Emily :D

    What I love today is all of the lovely white fluffy snow!

  3. That you are better.
    That today is my friday.
    That my husband plans to take me for a cocktail tonight.

  4. Today I love:
    Friends who keep making me laugh
    Left-over grilled salmon for lunch
    My cozy creamy-colored cowl
    A quiet evening by myself at home
    Neighbors who bring gifts of fresh baked bread

    p.s. that dress would look smashing on you!

  5. Today I love the idea of you in that pretty vintage dress - I agree with Umber wholeheartedly.
    Today I love the warm weather and the prospect of wandering through the market and discovering treasures tomorrow.
    Today I don't love missing you and the Gentle River Band last night - I am so sorry!

  6. i love beautiful sparkly snow outside my bay window...i love warm rice pilaf with cranberries and toasted walnuts...i love the coming of christmas and family time (which of course means no work, and this year for the first time in my life also no school to worry about!!)

  7. Hi Emily,
    I have just tagged you in the 6x3 meme thingy. (Sorry) smiles


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