10 Dec 2008

A Rainy Rant

This evening as I stepped off the train to come home
I got rained on.
Like really really drenched.
Its December 10th - the beginning of summer
and I'm cold and shivery
and my hair and my clothes are wet as can be.
But I thought I'd capture the moment
because it really made me smile,
and laugh -
as I accepted that the rain wasn't going to halt any time soon
and that I needed to get home
(I had new vinyls, bread and illustrations to protect)
So giggling,
I let my shoes get squishy
and my hair drip down my back.

Now that I'm inside I want to go back out.
There is still something so beautiful,
so foreign about rain to me.
Australian drought does that to you -
Makes you appreciate every drop that falls.
And that bread I was safe-guarding from the rain?
Its from Bourke St. Bakery.
I rushed in with a friend at 5.45pm just before closing
and snagged a loaf of sourdough rye
And in typical kindness,
they gave me a loaf of apple and spice bread for free
(needless to say its my favourite bakery now)
and I am thinking that this spice bread would make a good dinner
with a little honey,
cheddar and sliced pear.
To the soundtrack of rain,
and brewing tea -


  1. I was in your beautiful city for a few hours today. I didn't get caught by any rain, but I saw that it was threatening... Hope to have a coffee with you when next I am there.
    Sorry you got wet, but as you say, in the Australian drought (which is even dryer in Canberra) you treasure every drop.

    Shell xx

  2. Oh yum- i love Bourke St Bakery! I remember being there a few minutes before closing a year ago and they gave us 6 chocolate and raspberry tarts! Very nice.

  3. It's funny, I think normally you only are bothered about the rain when you are dry. For once you become drenched the fun begins!

  4. You make the rain sound beautiful and magical. When it rains here (as it does so much in the UK) we all curse it. Oh to get wet and have that feeling of being alive like you had - if only!

  5. Mmm I love fresh bakery bread. I wish there was one close to my house.


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