14 Dec 2008

Sunday Afternoons

(as they should be)+Tuna + olive oil + cucumber on rye toast
+White tea from Toby's Estate in the black cat cup
+A handful of dried cranberries
+Catching up on weekend news
+Watching the capricious sky
+Feeling sun on my toes

Planning the week ahead:
-shifts to be worked
-buses and trains to be caught
-presents to be sewn, printed, wrapped, sent
-goodies to be baked
-walks to be had

And looking forward to:
-having my hair cut
-trying new recipes (and reusing the old)
-stringing up Christmas cards
-roasting a whole chicken
-seeing dear friends
-cutting new lino blocks
-picking up the parents and sister from the airport
(and listening to all their amazing stories of Japan and Hong Kong!)
-my little hiatus in the country which edges closer and closer

Now tell me - What's in store for you this week?


  1. Your week sounds great!! In store for me this week is a trip to the beach, Christmas cooking (apricot balls, chocolate balls and dutch speculas!),a Texan style Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner, catching up with friends and a date with my lovely husband Dan!! This is going to be a great week! Enjoy:)Martine

  2. Oh Emily, your Sunday sounds delightful. Ours was, by no means, a lazy Sunday. We visited a neighbours' farm, and became acquainted with their family of creatures. More on that later, though, as Middlepaw has sworn me to secrecy. For now. Happy baking and making...

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  4. This week shall be: working at the shop -- so, so busy at xmas; dinner with my girlfriends from high school (who I mostly only see at our annual holiday dinner); an appointment with our midwife & at the end of this week two friends are coming to stay with us from alberta.

    This means I must CLEAN THE HOUSE OH MY GOODNESS A LOT. ^_^ Peace.

  5. Well my dear.
    I have been given 4 days by the sea to read Nicholas Shakespeare's "the Secrets Of the Sea", write Christmas cards, gaze at the sea ,write some more, muse some more,beachcomb the shore after the wild wind. Absolute luxury.

  6. Firstly, I LOVE the look of that tuna + cucumber + olive oil on rye!

    And as for my week, among my to do list is - present making and hunting for stocking filling, tinsel hanging, pavlova eating, seven maids a-milking, six geese a-laying, "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS..."

    : ))

  7. my week - tomorrow i'm going christmas shopping with my daddy (yearly tradition; he feels like it's better to go shopping, an activity he hates, if he's with me, who he loves:)), probably taking a very cold walk with my dog and my husband and a good friend of ours who showed up on our doorstep this evening after 3 months in Afghanistan. apart from that, this week holds more cold weather (right now it's -42C with the windchill) and a typical work week. Christmas edges nearer and i'm getting excited like a little kid!!


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