21 Dec 2008

Ceratopetalum gummiferum

It isn't really Christmas without Christmas bush! A beautiful Australian native - Christmas bush flowers in December in a profusion of red. Perfect for adding bursts of colour to the house in vases, making wreaths for the door or table, or as tradition in our house - making the Advent wreath for the five candles using fresh green ivy and bush.
Truly, a part of homemade Christmas is in the decoration too - and there is nothing so lovely as fresh flowers. I am also loving this season's hydrangeas and gardenias which have found their way through the house - in people's rooms, in the bathroom...
Sweet bursts of colour - of life.


  1. ohhh I just bought some of this on friday afternoon to bring inside and brighten up my house. i agree - totally gorgeous xx

  2. those are simply fantastic -- I wish we had them here!


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