29 Dec 2008

White-faced nymph

A gentle surprise in the garden.
If you can call it a garden.
A surprise
in the overgrown courtyard
down the side of the house.
Half-noticed white shine.
I have always loved the lotus.
The flower.
The way it needs water
like a white-faced nymph.
And if you squint it will
dance among the pads -
making tiny ripples as it does.

They don't stay very long -
a week if you're lucky.
Closing up at night -
there is always wonder
whether it will open again in the morning light.
Gentle petal friend -
I will miss you when you're gone.
I will look for you in the overgrown garden
and remember the way you danced.


  1. What a bloom! She is truly beautiful in her white dress. An exciting find!

  2. maybe you could go to the lotus pond in the Botanics which is beside the restaurant.

    it should be awash with them.I love the pods even more than the flowers.

  3. Oh yes Caitlin I know she is!

    And Plentytoshare, I must make a special visit to the lotus pond in the botanical gardens now.


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