11 Dec 2008

December Evenings

Baking Late:
That moment when you open the oven door after a 50 minute wait
releasing all that warmth,
and the smell of fresh bread wraps round your arms and legs and nose.
Kitty makes herself comfortable on her favourite night time place.

I am late getting into Mme's "A Shot in the Dark: December Evenings" on flickr - mainly because it takes so long to get DARK at the moment, but now I am determined to find time every day to capture a little piece of my evening. Check out the gallery so far - its really something special.


  1. What a delightful post!

    Most of the places I have lived in my life have not even had an oven, so I have never been much of a baker, however Mr Rudd has just bought me an oven (!!!!!) for Christmas so I am looking forward to baking very soon!!!

    And that piano looks inviting, I want to play it all night and sing, then enjoy the fruits of that oven!

    Shell xx

  2. Hey Dame,
    Those are some cute little gams.

    And that bread looks like something special! YUM.

  3. Things I love about this post:

    1) Your flirty raised leg, partly coy, partly ready to kick that oven closed.
    2) The juxtaposition of texture and color between your thick, bright red oven mitt, the slick shine of a baking pan, and the crumbly warmth of the bread.
    3) That your kitty chills on the piano. I know mine, so I can imagine his/her (?) pleasure at being somewhere "bad" that makes noise and gathers attention.

  4. Mmm fresh bread -- I sure wish my oven wasn't broken (soon, soon!)

  5. I love your apron! And I can practically smell the taste of fresh bread.

  6. Mechelle,
    Not had an oven! How did you survive?! Bless that Mr Rudd for getting you one! That said, I think there are many people out there with ovens that don't use them! It is a good piano - it just makes me think of mum (who I know you would love) but I can see you sitting there playing + singing too!

    Mme, it was delicious bread - I say fresh bread always is!

    Thank you for your kind comments! I'm telling you this kitty LOVES to make noise/mischief wherever, whenever she can.

    Fawn, You must get that oven fixed! (I want to make a joke about the fact that you have a "bun in the oven" that is working but I'll save myself the embarrassment!)

    Sara - this is my one of favourite aprons. I may be a litle oldfashioned but I still love being able to wear them when I cook/clean/dance/paint.

    Now all I need is for all of YOU to come round next time I'm baking so we can enjoy some fresh bread and tea!


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