15 Dec 2008

The beginning

I was wondering what to post about this week and I thought it might be nice to share the various homemade Christmas projects I've been doing every day. Though much more time consuming, homemade gifts are always more satisfying; and in general, much better received. It is the thought that counts, but doing things homemade allows you the freedom and creativity to bend the rules, tailor gifts to the individual - and of course means you can give on a low budget!

As a little gift for my mum I've made her a set of six napkins:
A bright set of napkins is a great little gift because they're super easy to make and are incredibly useful - whether it be brightening up a dinner party spread, folded under a tea cup for afternoon tea or used as a little tablecloth for a bowl of flowers or fruit.

I made these by cutting six rectangles (38cm by 30cm) of cotton canvas fabric - I choose a pretty simple print but you can go as wild and interesting as you like. I think for my next set I will choose six completely different fabrics so there's a real burst of colour and movement on the table. Also, the size is completely up to you - just remember to make them all the same!
Next fold down each side about 8mm - press with iron. Then fold the same width again and press. The double fold prevents any fraying - and because napkins are so often washed its important to make them as sturdy as possible.
Sew in a straight line down the four sides. This is pretty self-explanatory but in typical style my sewing machine convulsed when I sewed the corners (because the fabric is bunched in about eight layers here!) but a little push did the trick.
And voila! Easy homemade napkins!

(p.s. please let me know about your homemade projects too)


  1. i actually really appreciate the tutorial. i have been pondering making napkins for some time.

    i have made a few things but i can't share yet because some people i make for read this blog. :)

  2. I'm glad you found it useful Mme! Napkins are are a wonderful, easy gift to make. And even if you can't share your projects now you must after the festivities are over!

  3. So cute! You have amazing creativity and skill Emily!

  4. They do look very nice.

    I've designed some self-fastening envelopes and another bookbag.

  5. What a very lovely, and thoughtful gift. I adore the fabric you've used too!


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