7 Dec 2008


The beautiful Sarah has tagged me in the Meme 6x3 and I shall endeavour to answer her two questions:

Six things that I value, love, and am thankful for
1. Our imaginations
2. And for children - who remind us of the VAST possibilities in life
3. The company of friends and family (who are always the best company)
4. Cool summer breeze
5. Passionate discussions on social issues
6. Knowing truly, the gift of grace - and all encompassing love.
7. Playing old vinyl classics when I have the house to myself, and dancing from room to room.

Six things that I do not stand for, support or simply do not like:
1. Standing on an overcrowded day in 3o'c + weather
2. The thinking that substance induced happiness and experience is "freedom" from mainstream life
3. Racial, religious, gender prejudice
4. Seeing babies being smacked or yelled at in public.
5. Being looked down upon because of my age
6. And being told that the desires I have for life are silly, and impossible

And though I would like to ask these questions of all of you (and one day I just might) I will tag the lovelies Mrs Bookling, Jess and Caitlin.


  1. Not sure what this 'tagged' business is all about - I am yet to follow the links on this lovely post - but I love those two questions, and more so do I love your answers Miss Windhover, you are truly a precious, gentle spirit.

  2. Tagging confuses me too!
    It's like playing tip for overarticulate grown-ups, I think...
    What lovely responses though, my dear.

  3. You know, I've never really understood how tagging is meant to work either.

    I found it hard limiting it to only six. Though I liked your thoughts, many of them would be on the 'extended' version!

    (The thoughts over mushrooms is where many of my friends (and family) and I have had very long discussions... We agree to disagree.)Smiles

  4. Mechelle, Thank you for your kind words - always, you manage to bring a smile to my face!

    Caitlin - Tagging IS confusing but why not be overarticulate once in a while!

    Sarah - This tag was limiting but succinct all the while. Poor mushrooms but alas, more for the rest of us? Though funnily enough I've never been a huge mushroom fan but the in the last few years have taken more of a fancy.


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