8 Dec 2008

Back to Normal

To a normal Monday when I don't work till noon -
When I have time for a morning walk
and the appetite for a big, wholesome breakfast
with lemon and ginger tea.When I can sit and admire the summer blooms
that had fallen on the footpath -
and eat juicy stone fruits.When I have time and energy to dream up ideas
and begin carving creatures from lino,
one by one -
carving wings.I can start the first chapter of a new novel,
and iron the pieces for two bag orders -
even start sewing the lining.
I will go down the road to buy toilet paper
(As my older sister observed a lack)
I will think about the week ahead,
and not be disheartened by the work hours -
but think of all the possibilities and the pockets of spare time
for walking
pots of tea
sitting still and being.

Yes. A normal Monday. Full of life. And only just the beginning of a happy and full week. Wishing you all calm amidst the December busyness.


  1. And delicious food... I see you're back on a normal non-sick-person diet. Good good.
    I have no idea what I am doing up and commenting at this hour, as I am leaving for your place in about nine hours...

  2. How nice to see you have your inspired self back! There is nothing worse then not feeling up to getting excited, and enjoying the lovely things around us.

  3. See, this is why I delight in reading about your escapades, Emily - the boundless energy and desire to make the most of every minute. You have to know that this is inspiring reading!

  4. Caitlin - yay for the non-sick person's diet! And for fragipanis..

    Sarah - it is good to be back, and inspired... its not way to live to be unexcited and bored with one's surrounds. We must always make the most!

    And dear MW, I am glad you enjoy reading - as I enjoy reading about you life and times too. Very much so.


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