12 Nov 2008

When The Jacaranda Flowers

You know its exam time. Only I haven't had any exams this semester just essays - I have had five due in the last two weeks and I've only got one to go. My last essay for the year.

As I walked around campus today,
feeling Spring in my step,
gentle breeze,
warm sunshine -
I felt a little sadness - at how fast the year flies; at how much I wished the semester would be over so I could spend more time on other things. I don't think I spent enough time just being. Just enjoying learning and being with other people from all different places; with different passions and ideas; and different reasons for doing the same classes as me. I will really miss my tutorials for Arab, Islamic Studies for the next four months - because they are always so heated, so passionate, so alive... It is a good feeling when everyone in your tutorial has the confidence to start an argument! I will miss my global studies lectures immensely; our course director, Dany, is one of the most inspiring, intelligent and strong women I know - and she'll be leaving us for a year to take up an important research post for the United Nations in the US. After our last lecture together I'd made an orange cake - we had a little party - and we all cried. When I started university last year I felt very disappointed. I guess I had big expectations of what it would be like; the lazing under shady trees, meeting lots of kindred spirits, learning wonderful, challenging things - but I found it displacing. Perhaps I was just a bit burnt out after school, or I'm just a hopeless romantic -
But now when I look back at it all,
Standing against the sandstone of the quadrangle,
Watching purple jacaranda petals
fall gently on the grass -
I know all my expectations have been far exceeded.
I have found opportunities I would never have imagined,
I have learnt to be more accepting,
accommodating of ideas,
I have a lot more knowledge to back my own thoughts,
I have made some precious friends.
I have known exhaustion and relief and disappointment and pride in my own work
But mostly, I have been inspired.
To always be learning,
consciously and thoughtfully
whatever I may be doing
Afternoon tea is simple today. Fresh as the breeze...


  1. I love this post, especially the first and last picture -

    Em, what are you studying?

  2. I am doing what is called a "Bachelor of Global Studies" (though that seems the most ambigious degree name ever) - it basically incorporates two majors; one in Arabic and Arab, Islamic Studies and one in Sociology of Globalisation + Human Rights. I'm not sure if that made sense at all :p

  3. All of those colours and fantastic architecture! You're one lucky lady to be at your uni for sure.

    When you said were you 'burnt out from school' or a 'hopeless romantic' I think you'd probably (definitely) be the latter :D

    How I long for the debates that you have. Which you would quite strongly put your point across (from being on the opposing end of a debate with you I might fear for the opposing people's safety :P)

    As for your afternoon tea... delicious!

  4. That was a beautiful post, darling Emily. I've missed seeing you since uni finished! (I know it's only been two weeks) But I'll be finished with all my assignments after this weekend so we simply must start making some grand summer plans! <3

  5. That campus! That is what I think of when I think "university" (which is silly because mine looked nothing like that!), beautiful architecture and purple flowers.

    I love that you are living in Spring right now.


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