22 Nov 2008

Weekend Colour

Rare finds
(and markers of Spring)
A favourite bookSweet smelling blooms
And papery pastelsNotions that make the feet singBright buttonsSandal weather
The juice of pomegranates
(always worth the mess)

And toenails, bright skies, rain clouds, rosy cheeks, fresh juice, green grass, salmon sushi, dark chocolate, burning candles, blue yoga mat, tomato toast, soft cheese, newspaper, golden guitar, love, laughter and grandma's silvery hair...

What colour have you found this weekend?


  1. For us, it would have to be green; all shades of green. Amongst the overgrown trees and bushes - a solitary yellow rose, which will be transplanted. And also - a 1.5m high thyme bush. I never knew they grew that high! I love your colourful weekend, and oh my - summer just call for those bright red toenails!


  2. Oh yes! I love this post dear friend! I was eating a little dark chocolate as I read it, with some very tanned looking tea... Wearing a red top, and thinking about painting my toenails, if the weather here ever warms up!

    : )

  3. Pomagranites are the best.

  4. All shades of gray and green with the garden blown to bits and the flourishing long shoot on the peace rose lying disenfranchised by the wind.

  5. Oh Helen - I wish I could see some of your green! and that thyme bush - 1.5m high my goodness!

    There's nothing quite so nice and warming as a little dark chocolate. And because its so rich and lovely you don't need too much. And we want to see those toenails painted when the weather turns hot!

    Elizabeth - too right they are!

    And thank you dear Susan for your poetic musings...

  6. caterpillars and cupcakes.
    the best.


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