23 Nov 2008

Snapping Away

Yesterday I played photographer for two wonderful ladies who are starting their own vintage fashion label - selling restored garments, accessories, and crafting their own fabulous designs from recycled clothes. I have never done a "photo shoot" like this before and it was a lot of fun - there was three clothes changes, outside and inside shoots - hilarious props! I hope to share some of the photos here when they get their website up and running!But for now here's a few of my little offhand snapsAnd though everyone was beautiful and fun, my favourite model was by far this beautiful tabby
Who was easily tired by all the fuss


  1. Awwww. I had a cat that looked just like that years ago. I miss that sweet face.

  2. What a thrilling weekend.
    The photos you posted look very intriguing, I'd love to see the rest of the collection.

  3. Awe, I just see now that you have me on your sidebar ^_^ Thanks for your support!

  4. Allison - it reminds me of an old cat we used to have too; tabbys are the best I say.

    Sarah-Mechelle - I'm glad you found the photos intriguing! It was certainly an interesting afternoon - with some very wild outfits!

    And dear Fawn,
    You're quite welcome! It is a pleasure to link to your neck of the woods.


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