30 Nov 2008

If you're not familiar with the bright and passionate designer Marta and her blog "Marta Writes" then its well worth the visit! She kindly featured my etsy shop in her Black Friday GiveaThon under "Bags and Textiles". She's compiled a wonderful list of online shops specialising in stationary, design, jewellery, unique crafts, photography and more! As part of her promotion I'm offering a free set of blue doodly labels with every purchase. Ah, I continually delight at how people can promote, inspire and encourage each other's vocations through their blogs!

I've made a few additions to the shop. An apple-green Roses Tote:And I am excited to finally to add some original illustrations. There are two for sale:When the days are long,
and the moon is high,
when the tide is low -
and the gulls fly by.
The rocks are worn,
and waves will sigh:
"Go to the lighthouse"

"To the Lighthouse" inspired by Tove Jansson's "Moomin Pappa at Sea" and a long-held desire of mine.

It was a crisp night
(on the cusp of winter)
We were walking,
and mid-sentence -
wrapped our arms
around your great trunk.
We breathed in your history
in moments of stillness -
only the tapping of faraway footsteps.
We held you;
And you became soft
and warm to the skin.
I know I left an imprint on your heart -
And for a short second
I thought I heard you murmur
It is good to be alive,
When we released our embrace,
resumed our conversation;
breathed in the night -
I felt totally alive.

And "Tree Hugging" which was inspired by a true tree embrace.


  1. I want the green bag! If only I knew how to buy things online... how's your spleen, my dear? :P

  2. I like the illustrations a lot.

  3. In fact, although I can't afford an original, expect an order for a print this week.

  4. Caitlin! The green tote is waiting for you now... And dear Elizabeth I'm so glad you like my illustrations - we always said we'd do a print exchange!


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