24 Nov 2008

Feeling Crafty (and crampy)

Gah! I stayed home sick today - I've been feeling out of sorts for about a week but I went off to the doctor - who thinks I have a bladder infection that has spread to my kidneys... Which explains my lower back pain and cramping. I've started on some antibiotics which should clear everything up. I know that's a little bit forward to be sharing that with you but it explains my need to do some serious crafting that will get my mind off the discomfort. So thanks to Blair's tutorial I've been making these fabric flower brooches. They are ridiculously easy and fun to make.And I think they'll make great little Christmas gifts. So you could say this is the first of my homemade Christmas present endeavours!Oh bright fabric brooches -
You lift my spirits
and make me smile.
Now to keep my fluids up and rest a while.


  1. Boo for sickliness, I hope you wake up in the morning bright eyed and crampy-free!

  2. If I could I'd give you some of these cherries to bring more smiles.
    I now will sing my get well song...
    Pain, Pain, go away,
    and don't come back some other day!
    (Oh, your flower pins are lovely)

  3. hey pretty lady, THANKS so much for my gorgeous yoga bag!! I absolutely love it : ) I'm so sorry yr still feeling a little blah, that is no good at all.

    These brooches are divine, too too cute : )

    Healthy wishes x

  4. Get well soon Emily.

    Love the broaches as well!

  5. I love the idea of putting these on gifts. What a great idea. I wouldn't have thought of that. I love how bright these are. I hope you feel better. I had bladder and kidney infections when I was really young and still remember them.

  6. Lots of cups of tea, lots of sitting down with your feet up! Lots of wonderful music on, lots of relaxing crafty endeavors... Lots of love, Shell xx

  7. Thank you dear friends for your thoughts - ah it brings me great joy to know you all!

  8. Your flowers have such sweet fabric, I love them oh so much!

  9. get well soon - i love these brooches, the recipients are very lucky!


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