4 Nov 2008

10 Things I Love Today

Tuesday, November 4th
1. Taking time for afternoon tea for the third day in a row with some sweet-smelling blossoms, and

2. Eating a slice of last nights lemon, coconut and raspberry tart with some unsweetened yoghurt

3. Reading about the world, finding this site: http://www.iftheworldcouldvote.com/, feeling excited

4. Submitting two essays for university and sighing with relief knowing there is only two more to go

5. Deciding to walk instead of catch the train home today, and

6. Letting my hair fall out and blow with the gusty wind

7. Remembering last night's scrabble game, laughing, at how many words we made up

8. Slowly collecting fat quarters, scraps and yards for my first quilt

9. Listening to M Ward's beautiful album "Transfiguration of Vincent"; those gentle guitars, soft vocals and lyrics like: "Dead man, dead man, don't cry..."

10. Making magnetic poetry for the fridge:


  1. And the flowers? They are gorgeous! I would wear those tucked behind my ear.

  2. I think you are a brilliant ruby star (in slight disguise), just visiting for a short time on this earth.


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