23 Oct 2008

The Vintage Fair

Can you spot:
-beautiful Jess in a blue dress
-a telephone shaped like a black shoe
-a freaky mannequin doll with a wide-brimmed hat
-haphazard pile of patterns
-generally delicious vintage goodness?
On the weekend my beautiful friend Jess and I went off to the Vintage Fair which happens in and around Sydney a couple of times a year. Its a marvellous event where shops from around the city and (wider Australia) set up stalls showcasing all their beautiful wears. There were shops with just buttons, shops for vintage shoes, umbrellas, clothes, fabric, reproductions, linen and lace, baby's clothes, swimming costumes, coats, headpieces, homewares and it went on and on. We were utterly overwhelmed with all the colours, tulle, lace, silk, beautiful beautiful things, and to be surrounded by so many well dressed others! I wore my retro dress in line with the theme; and we had a wonderful time. Jess managed to find some exquisite vintage leather shoes and I found:some buttonsa couple of patterns,
a birthday surprise for my little sister - and a marvellous reproduction dress by a local label that have impeccable style!I have decided that this year for Christmas I'm going to try and make as many gifts by hand but for everything else I'm going to find little quirky treasures from vintage and second hand shops (oh and of COURSE etsy too). There is just too much mass-produced junk hitting our shelves and filling our homes - if we can love and reuse the old, or better still make our own gifts we will contribute in some small way to the mindless consumerism eating society up. This year I'll have a whole four months off for summer holidays (four?!) which means I'll have no excuse to actually plan the things I want to make - So from November 10th it shall begin...


  1. here here!

    i agree about christmas and over-produced junk.

    did you make a nest under the gypsy collectables? tee hee.

  2. the vintage fair looked amazing!! i agree with handmade/second hand finds for Christmas presents!!

  3. Such beautiful treasures!

    I am jealous that you get 4 months off during Christmas-time. What I would give for extra time off to plan and obsess over details!

    Granted, I'd probably spend too much time reading blogs instead of Christmas gift making. But a girl can dream.

  4. My dear girl, that dress is a treasure. You know how jealous I am that you didn't take me with you to this marvellous fair.
    Do you really finish semester on the 10th? I finish it on the 21st! Not fair at all. But you know what happens then? Market party. I couldn't be more excited.


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