12 Oct 2008

Tell ALL your friends

I absolutely adore sending and receiving mail or correspondence of any kind.
I think one of life's greatest delights
is in finding a bundle of mail in the post-box,
or seeing a package covered in stamps waiting by the door
In this fast-paced, technological world I still prefer the post.

That's partly why I have decided to hold a swap. I have now taken part in two blog-initiated swaps (a Christmas one last year through which I met the beautiful Sara and a market tote one by the wonderfully creative Allison) - they were both a lot of fun and I have wanted to start one for a long time but was waiting for a good theme and a good time. I say October/November is a brilliant time for a swap; we don't need to fall into the Christmas theme; and we're all getting a bit tired and need a little cheer to get us through the busy months.

It shall be an alphabet swap.
What is an alphabet swap you say?
Well - it is quite literally a swap centred on letters of the alphabet. You and your mystery partner will both get the same letter and will have to come up with a box of little things related to that letter. There is no need to get too extravagant or spend OVER $30 - but be as creative and inventive as you like; you could include craft supplies, little treasures, words, foodstuff -ANYTHING! I know, dear readers, you are all fabulously interesting and original so let there be no limit to your ideas!

If you would like to take part email me at: eburtt@gmail.com with your name, address, blog/website if you have one, and if you'd be happy to swap internationally.

Tell all your friends too.

I will announce the alphabet swappers Saturday (the 18th) So you have ONE week to sign up!


  1. Maybe not in, but let me see- if I can initiate something like this with my freinds... I be\adly want to receive a mysterious parcel in my mail one day...

  2. I am sending an email too..very creative and sounds like fun!

  3. and me too!
    you know who!
    someone who is close to you...
    what a joy, oh what glee!
    emily propinquity!

  4. This is such a clever idea. I want to play. It sounds so fun.

  5. When will the packages need to be mailed off?

  6. .....sadly...I think my alphabet package was swiped by the mailman...either that or it was sent by SNAILmail. This surely was a good idea though Miss Hover. A grand idea in fact. When will the next one be scheduled???


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