3 Oct 2008

A special place

This week mum took me to a "special place" she had recently discovered with a friend. She wouldn't tell me what or where it was until we got there. It turned out to be the National Camellia Gardens in Caringbah which I had never visited before. It was breathtakingly beautiful... it rambled about like a marvellous overgrown garden
with a tall tree houseblooms in every sizeand colourIt housed a community of lively ducks
and had an amazing array of camellias, azaleas, pansies and daisesthe kind of garden that makes me beam with delight
to share it, arm in arm, with my mum
Dearest Mum,
Tomorrow its October 4th
And you turn another year older
another year wiser,
more brilliant,
more beautiful -
Not a day goes by
that I don't thank the heavens
for having you


  1. I am so excited by, and taken with beautiful gardens. All of the years of work and love that has gone into making them what they are today... and they sit there, so quietly, waiting to inspire you... There is inspiration there, because there is God's creation there, in a more condensed form...

    I am so happy for you having such a wonderful mother. I am also blessed with the most amazing mother in law. We're lucky girls!

  2. what a lovely place!

    when life cannot afford the escape i long for, i look to you.

    and am always refreshed.
    gorgeous you.
    gorgeous pics.
    gorgeous mum.

    as always.

  3. A lovely garden with lovely people. Who could want more on a warm day in spring..?

  4. So much thanks for sharing with us all these adventures, heartwarming moments, appreciation of little things in life. I feel delighted every time I read your beautiful journal. Makes me smile and heart melts. Thank you! oh, and Happy Birthday to your Mum! She looks gorgeous!


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