1 Oct 2008

Saying Goodbye

Time to leave this beautiful house;
this sparkling town
Of wide wide streets -
Those bright mornings
(when the birds wake at 4.30)
And we make breakfast,
and find some sunshine.
I will miss the smell of the freesias on the front lawn,
the long clover down the side,
the creeping ivy in the courtyard -
telling time on dandelions.
Finding ripe passionfruits on the sun terrace,
and seeing yellow blossoms
through the window when I have a bath.
The colourful wallpaper,
the fading carpet.
Conjuring ideas for quilts and clothes and works of art
Oo-ing and Ah-ing over liberty fabric,
and polka dots.
Dreaming blue.
Remembering the sun setting in the horizon,
the taste of Mudgee olives,
When the house creaks in the middle of the night
and I am scared to walk the long hallway to the bathroom.Saying goodbye
and meeting the new month with a smile
I do not know you yet,
but I have a hunch
that you will flutter past quickly,
but beautifully all the while.


  1. You must have had a week of near-paradise. I liked reading about it, and seeing the gorgeous photographs.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your week too. You're in my heart windhover...


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