19 Oct 2008

Portraits By The Sea Pt I


  1. Pretty, pretty.
    I love the little heart rock too.


  2. Photo number "second last" is the loveliest shot I've ever seen of you.


  3. you are seriously sexy in these shots...i love the full-dress one. your face is confident, playful, all-knowing.

    elegant beauty only highlighted by the blue sea.

  4. These pictures delight me.

  5. Fawn, Thank you.. I was so delighted in finding that little heart rock wedged between two others.

    Oh Plume and Mme (you're both very kind) I think I'm at my best when I can smell and feel cool salty sea breeze :p I feel sultry and mermaid-ish and want to dive into the waves and sing songs to the fish.

    And Dear Elizabeth, I am glad they did!


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