21 Oct 2008

Its about time

I am excited to add four new items to the etsy shop in the form of yoga bags! You'll find the:Red Bicycle Yoga BagBlue Roses Yoga BagGreen Apple Yoga Bag
And the Roses Are Red Yoga Bag!
Why not clothe your beloved yoga mat in a beautiful handmade bag that is 100% cotton and has a lovely big strap that makes it easy and comfortable to wear around. They all feature a hand-printed lino block panel and would make a beautiful gift too.

And in honour of the new bags I am giving free shipping to any bag or tote purchases for the next week!


  1. Loving the blue...
    Loving seeing your summery skin remind my wintery skin that seasons come and go.

  2. I wanna see more of that apple green!!!! Beautiful colour!

  3. Bagalicious.
    As always.
    You should have played Diana in Anne of Green Gables...for those raven locks and that fair fair skin.

  4. Thanks for the comment -- Lucky you and your toasty warm continent -- it's definitely on my top places to visit list. Heh, I suppose we all want what we don't have -- I dream of a place where fall/summer are the only seasons and the heat is never humid. Sigh!


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