9 Oct 2008

An Uncanny Thursday

I am a little proud of myself.
Two out of the six university tasks I have due in the next little while are complete! I accept that I am a last-minute person but this is an odd and uncanny feeling; I am celebrating having got an essay finished a WHOLE day before the due date for first time this year with a pot of tea and my favourite sort of toast.

Now that this essay is out of the way this afternoon includes train trips, sunshine, lectures, library books, laughing with dear friends, doodling, Japanese for dinner, seeing the sun set

What will you do today?


  1. Every once in ahwile, I realize how truly far away you live! Wednesday is almost over here. (It's almost 8pm.) For Thursday I plan on going to work for a couple of hours, taking a test, finishing a few cards, getting Dan's car washed and making a delicious turkey dinner complete with cranberry sauce.
    Granted, I will probably end up having Dan make dinner, but I came up with the idea and really that's the hard part.

  2. huh. yeah, again, it's still wednesday in sunny (cloudy) warm (chilly and wet) saskatoon...and i'm finishing the day watching trash TV (so yo think you can dance) and drinking some nice wine (from australia...what i always choose) with my husband. i made spaghetti carbonara and salad for supper, which was delicious, and i'm gonna go to bed early so i'm fresh in the morning and can motivate myself to go for a run, even if it's still miserable out in the morning. so yeah! that's my plan
    have a fantastic thursday

  3. I'm going to try to finish The Return of the King.

  4. oh oh oh!
    thursday is the most delicious of days because:
    1. i meet miss kelly for tea every thursday afternoon. she walks downtown and we sip our tea together.

    2. today is my friday since i do not work on fridays

    3. project runway marathon tonight with kelly and brownies.

    so tell me about the toast. is it just toast and bananas?

  5. Well now that it is officially Thursday night I can give you the recap:

    1) Tea time with the Mme. (which today ended up being Chop Chop Salads and a lovely mushroom soup.

    2) Random walking through the crowds downtown, through the finicky rain, finding a new coat (in the most delightful mustard yellow with 3/4 sleeves, marked down a whole $100 - yippee!).

    3) Several hours of studio time (painting leaves upon leaves, listing to the rain pound on the skylight).

    4) Wine tasting at a new shop just four blocks from my home.

    5) Beef stew (started it in the morning), red wine, biscuits, then Project Runway and brownies with the Mme.

    Wow, it really has been a lovely Thursday!

  6. Oh what wonderful things you are all doing...


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