17 Oct 2008

Friday Feeling

Mr. Whippy skies
Sun drenched leaves,
Date and pistachio slice -
Smiling at my little sister's
impossibly pink hair (now auburn)
like the bougainvilleas
which are flowering profusely
in the little lane behind our house
Summer feels close -
but having to stay inside today
and work on my essay from
7am - 6.30pm
(with a few escapes into the garden)
But at long last,
the weekend approaches
It will be a positively brilliant weekend
I can feel it now
in my toes
Enjoy the Friday feeling my friends!

p.s. it is your VERY LAST chance to sign up for the Alphabet Swap - its meant to be a bit of fun, nothing too stressful - just a chance to be creative and enjoy the way other people approach a letter as inspiration! Email me at eburtt@gmail.com

1 comment:

  1. Emily, your escapes into the garden sound like bliss to me at the moment.

    Good luck with your essay and hope you have a good weekend!


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