13 Oct 2008

Another blue treasure

What a little find this was! You may remember me mentioning my growing collection of blue china some months ago. Somehow all of my little pieces have come to me in such surprising, inexpensive and happy ways. I found this wee juicer at a shop in the beautiful, tiny town of Leura on the Blue Mountains when we were driving back from Mudgee a week or two back. I spotted it on a low shelf through the front windows. I bought a teapot and cups for Mum's birthday by the same Polish artist. I love this one because it is so tiny and perfect for squeezing lemon juice which I like to do of a morning with fresh ginger and hot water. It also inspires me to get into making and patterning ceramics as I have wanted to for so long! and I have resolved that THIS coming summer I shall! I just thought I'd share this little beauty with you.

Do you have any precious pieces of china that you hold dear?

I still have a little egg-cup that Granny gave me when I was about five, and a little cow cup that I would drink warm milk from as a child. I know we shouldn't hold onto material things so much, but I have always been drawn to porcelain and ceramics; I think because even if they break they are worth keeping - because I know they will turn into a beautiful, haphazard mosaic one day...


  1. Oh, I love ceramics! Especially old, blue, keepsakes from childhood, or anything antique! Random little pieces that are special to you for any reason... I think some of them have their own spirit which comforts you as you use them! You have impeccable taste girl!

  2. What a lovely, inspiring post!

    I admire your take on the fact that if an accident happens and something ceramic gets broken, you'll think "Nevermind, it will become something new and special again one day". So sweet :)

  3. Affectioknit, I think so too!

    I knew you would be a ceramics girl! There is something satisfying about actually using the china you've been given, bought, found etc - In a way they are more lovable and special when they LOOK used too.

    Thank you for your kind words! And I think you'd agree that the more arty/crafty you become the more possibilities there seems for EVERYthing (oh don't even start me on throw-out days)

  4. Em, I actually have a casserole and a pie plate by this same Polish ceramic artist! It's beautiful stuff!

  5. Oh my Plume! I can only imagine how exquisite they would be! and So worthy of a good casserole and pie!


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