14 Sep 2008

Spring is the time

for cleaning?It was a perfectly bright and sunny Saturday so it seemed a good idea to get at those cobwebs, dusty windows, junk in the wardrobe/under bed/table, accumulated papers, essays, sketches, fabric, buttons, and needles in every nook of my room. Yes this weekend has been a good excuse to sort and throw away unneeded junk (which was mostly taken off to the local second-hand shop) and to rearrange a few problem areas - namely the sewing things;And after;
I'm sure there are plenty of shaking heads reading this saying "that Emily she's so haphazard" and its true I am. I love making a good mess so I can clean it up; is that so odd? There's no joy in living in filth, sure, but there's no joy in being neat ALL the time either; especially when you are creating - I say:
*throw all loose thread on the floor
*scrunch up excess fabric and stuff it back in the pile (NEVER fold)
*roll some buttons under your bed
*draw a self-portrait on the wall in charcoal (and put your smudgy fingers on the mirror)
*drop a bit of paint on the carpet; in at least 3 different colours
*invite a family of spiders to live under your desk
I assure you that if you do all of those things and eradicate the words "vacuum" and "dust" from your vocabulary you will end up with an excellent excuse to Spring clean!
Isn't this a wonderful apron? It belonged to my Granny and we found it when we were cleaning out her house last year. I think its a perfect apron; it actually covers you, has two big pockets on the front (handy for storing tea bags, spoons, bulbs, paper clippings etc) - and I love the sprigged fabric.
Feeling very domesticated
(me + the cat respectively)
Time for a nap methinks;
and don't show me another speck of dust


  1. i adore the apron! when i saw the picture today, i though how fabulous it would be if, in fact, that was an apron!

    Not only IS it ever, but it's your gmas. How perfectly excellent.

    I want one.

    happy domestication.

  2. There's no doubt about you Emily, you can make the most menial of chores into an EXPERIENCE!!

  3. Mrs Bookling,
    I'm glad you like the apron :) I think its wonderful and will attempt to replicate it in some other fabrics; so if you're real lucky you might end up with one.

    Dear Carolyn,
    Thank you for your comment; it is always so good to hear from you - and is reassuring that I'm not completely boring everybody.

    And Shell; right back at you!


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