17 Sep 2008

Oh my

Our purple picnic has been the best so far! It included:The eating of purple food; fresh beetroot dip, apple and blackcurrant juice, fresh berries, gluten-free blueberry muffin
The wearing of purple (and pink *ahem*)
Conversation with nice ducks before the evil seagulls and ibises began to attack us

Seeing the sweet little ducklings swim nearFeeling the green grass
And finding impossibly tiny leavesJust being with a dear friend -
Reminding ourselves that we need to slow down sometimes;
we need to let go of our stress, anxiety, deadlines etc
And just enjoy good company, food, grass, colours...
Just enjoy living.


  1. oh my.
    how i adore your life.

    may i borrow it for a bit?

  2. You are two gorgeous girls!!

  3. How fab!! Loving all that purple :)

  4. Sounds wonderful in every way.

  5. Hover, I think you should be renamed The Violet Hover for all that glorious purple!
    Love your happy friend snapshot.

  6. mmm...please send recipe for gluten-free blueberry muffins as well as recipe for your orange polenta cake...this would make my gluten allergic week!!

  7. I swear by your blueberry muffins, Emily. You should put together a collection of gluten free yumminess for making gluten allergic days...
    Lovely photos, as always.


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