7 Sep 2008

Moonlapse Vertigo

What a night -
I've just come home from seeing Opeth;
one of my dearest bands.
They played at a theme park
overlooking the harbour;
My legs are aching,
my ears still ringing.
But it is a good feeling.
Live music is a wonderful thing
the beauty of sound
with hundreds of others;

If you're feeling particularly curious you can find one of my favourite Opeth songs here:
(I think you'll be pleasantly surprised)

"Closure" - off Opeth's "Damnation" (2003)

I hope you're all having a brilliant weekend so far!


  1. Oh, how I love a good concert! The sore legs, the tired ringing ears..! And the memory forever of the spirit of life and passion that only live music can bring you.

  2. I do hope you haven't gone deaf my dear, still it might almost be worth it for such an exhilarating live gig. I expect to hear a more detailed report on Wednesday.

  3. The headbanging picture is great.

    I permanently damaged my hearing at a concert last spring. It was the best night of my life though, up to that point. I'm only half sorry.


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