16 Sep 2008

Mischief and Mulberries

(For Mrs Bookling)
As I was going for my walk late yesterday afternoon I was posed with a very challenging proposition. Its throw-out time in my neighbourhood and I came across a pile of junk that included a few tins of old paint; one of which had been knocked over and leaked a perfect pool of white paint. I stopped for a moment. Then without hesitating I plunged the backs of my runners into the white (half expecting it be dry) and then with a car or two pulling away behind me, bolted down the road in a sprint. One of greatest runs of my life; you should try it some time.
I decided to return again this afternoon to see the damage. It wasn't as striking as I had imagined but there is something satisfying about seeing footprints fade away onto the bitumen... I can't explain it; I certainly didn't plan it. But I think the roads should be a little more decorative in a haphazard, accidental sort of way. And of course the evidence on my shoes is still very much there.
Also on my walk I went to visit the Mulberry trees; a number of which overhang a park and some footpaths (of course I still ask the house for permission to pick the berries) but I like the idea of having communal trees that bear fruit we can all share. Needless to say I have been watching them like a hawk these past few weeks. Today I tasted my first mulberry for the year and although fairly tart, it was a joyous experience. I am excited about the possibilities.. last year I went for making jam; but this year I think I want to use them fresh - in smoothies, a sour cream + mulberry tart or some deliciously purple ice-cream.

Do you have any favourite mulberry recipes you want to share?


  1. I looooooove mulberries, but sadly, have no recipes to share.

  2. Mulberries=Delicious

    I like any sort of berry or fruit paired with the tartness of plain yogurt.

    That sounds a bit Plain Jane doesn't it?

  3. you delight me.

    i have recently been so internally restless, and despite being rather acutely aware of the WHYS - i think you set a good example for just getting out and letting the natural elements of the earth romanticize us past our own obsessions.

    i want to talk a walk today.

    thank you for this practical and magical inspiration.

  4. I want to make jam this summer!
    I'm not sure if i've tasted a mulberry before!

  5. I think that white paint is great! Way to take advantage of the moment!

  6. Allison and Plume - I am so happy to find some mulberry-loving kindreds. And dear Plume any sort of berry or fruit paired with tart plain yoghurt is not plain at all; its simple and delicious. I love plain yoghurt for that very reason; that you can really taste and enjoy whatever you put in it - or just on its on... or with oats and honey.

    Dear Mme,
    I'm sorry that you have been so restless... I have felt the same for the past few months; and its only been the last couple of weeks that I've tried to shake it off and just embrace what I have around me. Often we get so caught up in wanting to change what we have that we don't even realise all the good things we had to begin with. And the earth is always there for us (at least at present its still there)

    Oh Genevieve you must try a mulberry! Maybe if I get enough this year we'll have to meet up specially for you to try some.

    And Lindsay,
    when a pool of fresh paint is in sight how can one not get involved?


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