20 Sep 2008

A little project that grew and GREW

It all started with a suggestion to put some art in the front entrance of my church. We are taking part in the Community Arts Festival for the next three weeks and really wanted to draw people in off the trendy streets of Newtown to see the new ceiling (an incredible installation of 20 painted panels by a local artist that has been working on it for 7 years - inspired by the book of Revelations). It is a truly breathtaking ceiling;
But the front entrance was still looking pretty dull. I became inspired by the idea of constructing 10 long panels in the shape of glass windows to fill the space. I love that this is a church community where all creative endeavours are thoroughly encouraged and supported.. It became a much more involved process than I had expected;
And there you have it;
(the largest scale of my work you'll likely ever see)Oh! it is good to add a bit more blue to this worldStop by for a glimpse of the ceiling and all the other wonderfully whacky and artistic projects at:
Newtown Mission
280A King Street,
Newtown (Sydney)


  1. Oh my. It must be thrilling to see your work displayed so publically on such a huge scale. Congratulations! The panels are lovely.

  2. Hi Emily, your thoughts, your sketches, are beautiful. I love your heart. Please keep on doing the things you do. Sweet, sweet, sweet.


  3. Wow Emily your installation looks awesome! If I lived in Sydney I would come by and visit your church. The ceiling looks amazing. Its so great to hear that your church loves to encourage creativity! God is pretty creative and its awesome your community seeks to reflect that! So great to see your work! :) Martine

  4. Emily, that is stunning! I must drop by your church soon!

  5. oh em! how divine - literally.

    i am so proud of your initiative and creative prowess - and it's absolutely stunning. i wish i could stop on by...oh how i wish.

  6. I cannot express how much all your words mean to me. It is so refreshing to know you all in this strange blog land; and see the wonderful things you do too. I am glad you like the panels! And Gen I do hope you will stop by :)

  7. How wonderful!

    I believe I have a bit of space that needs to be filled with blue... !!!

  8. This is just wonderful!! how beautiful is your work! Wow.. I know a true, modern day artist ;)

    See you on the yoga mat soon xx


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