18 Sep 2008

Its all about Bill

I saw Bill Bailey last night with my brother
I am still sore from laughing.
Quite possibly the funniest long-haired man around
(the only one around? **UPDATE: How could I forget Ross Noble!!**)
He has all his instruments on stage with him
and breaks into song and dance whenever completely unexpected

See his love song here:

Ah laughter,
it keeps us all insane.


  1. Bill Bailey is awesome. Especially on his Half Man, Half Troll tour.

    I have to disagree with you though that he's the funniest long haired man around. Ross Noble trumps him by a long way. Maybe it's the novelty of his geordie accent or maybe it's the absurdity of his humour - owls in pijammas? - but he never fails to make me laugh for ages.

    Coincidently he's got some new gigs lined up in the UK. Think I might have to book some tickets......

  2. Lucky you! I love him, he is HILARIOUS. :)

  3. Yes, I love Bill Bailey as well! I would have loved that show, so glad you loved it!!

  4. I think Bill Bailey's Love Song would be perfect as a text for our Love in Different Languages course... ^_^

    Anyway, so jealous. I would've loved to have seen him! Oh well, next time.

    I hope your essays got sorted out alright. ^_^ I'm still working on mine. Meep. At least it will all be over by the time I see you on Wednesday! Enjoy your boy time. ^_^


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