25 Sep 2008

It is good to have a pause

From crazy life busynessI know I've been very quiet these past few days
And now I am 5 hours inland relaxing in this
50s house
(with overgrown garden, shabby coloured carpets, retro wallpaper)
We're staying for a week and it will be so refreshing
to soak in the spring sunshine,
sleep in,
go for walks at dust,
potter around the kitchen,
pick freesias,
I will be lazily illustrating,
catching up on some reading and making tea
Sounds perfect to me.
But I shall be on here a bit too;
giving you a tour of this sweet little town,
this amazing house,
and the various other things that tangle themselves up along the way...
I hope you are well dear friends!


  1. I look forward to your commentary of this new season in your life...

  2. i love the house. looks like there could be many an adventure had there! like the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. anyway, if you're interested and don't already know about it, here's a really good gluten free blog by a lady in the states. She writes AMAZING recipes, many of which i've tried, all of which have been great. the chocolate chip cookie squares are the best so far...
    this is all in assuming that you eat gluten free based on the fact you had gluten free muffins on a previous blog entry...if not, there are good recipes on there anyway! take care

    he's back!

    you are completely excused from all correspondence.

    that week of escape sounds exactly perfect in every way.

  4. AHHHHHHHHHH! WE expect nothing but SILENCE. Spent the time kissing instead of typing:)


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