30 Sep 2008

30 Days

And so it began,
and so it ends -
30 days of self
By far the greatest pleasure
was in seeing everyone's entries;
how they carefully
selected tiny segments of their
day to day life.
It has been so inspiring,
so refreshing.
Thank you Dove.


  1. I like seeing all the photos tied together in the collage. Very nice.

  2. Such an interesting 30 days. All you've said is spot on Emily :D

  3. I am so sad it's over.
    It was my pleasure to meet, know, and love you.
    It's my pleasure that THAT part is not over.

    Not by a long shot.

  4. Lovely, lovely Wind,

    I really became enamored with your eye this last month, your small square of earth that contains so much beauty, your wild hair and your tipped up smile. Your photos truly inspired me and now knowing you a little more, I feel like this ocean between us might be much smaller than I first thought.


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