1 Sep 2008

30 Days of Self

This is my first entry for Kelly's (aka Umberdove) "30 Days of Self" experiment which basically entails taking a self-portrait each day. This week I am trying to capture the reflective self; which I shall be updating daily on my flickr.

I believe it is NOT too late to get involved (read more here); you can submit as many entries as you like in the flickr page or on your blog; you don't have to show your face etc - in fact I think the more cunning and cryptic you are the better! And to get a little arty on you: I think it isn't entirely about you as the subject but rather the setting, mood - the feeling you wish to convey. More than anything it is a good excuse to spend a bit of time out every day - stepping away from the hustle bustle - to capture a moment. This afternoon I took my nikonbaby on my afternoon walk and was amazed at all the little, easily-overlooked things I found...

Oh, thank you Dove for initiating such a marvellous challenge!


  1. Such a beautiful artistic photo, such a beautiful sense of movement!

  2. I really like your goal for the week, and I LOVE where you've started!

  3. A great photo from you Emily and an intriguing challenge from Umberdove.

  4. Oooh, I'm getting inspired by this!


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