24 Aug 2008

What a bright and promising Sunday you are turning out to be
With your Sun shining,
Azure sky,
Gentle breeze.
I wish I didn't have to work today
so I could bask in your brilliance all day long.
When I awoke I had two little things sitting on my table;
a little stem of snowdrops
in the blue glass vase,
and a magnificent spotty feather
sent straight from the other side of
it flew hours to find me
(in a little envelope)
I am so thankful for the beauty in my life.

Time for a little shop update? In my shop you will find three new totes added:Retro Red Bicycle Tote - $25Parisian Red Bicycle Tote - $25Parisian Black Bicycle Tote - $25

What will you do today?
I am going to sing Neil Young,
wear that feather behind my ear
and get ready to catch my bus -
Be blessed friends,
the sun is always shining somewhere


  1. "Be blessed friends,
    the sun is always shining somewhere" - i like that saying.

  2. Pretty photos, cute bags, and a great quote "the sun is always shining somewhere." =)

    I will be finishing up dinner, putting the kids to bed, then spend the evening alone... which is nice because I never really get any time all to myself. Ahhh... tranquility.

  3. Love the snowdrops, love the feather; love love the totes! I had a wonderful day entertaining at the local shopping centre here in Canberra. I can't wait to come back to Sydney and see you in that enchanting paper shop again one day!

    ps. love love love your blog!

  4. I want all your bags.
    Would they fit my books in them?

  5. I like your bags. Also the first line of your Sunday poem. In fact, I stole it, changed Sunday to Saturday, and wrote [an otherwise completely different] poem about my little sister. I hope you don't mind. If you do, I won't unwrite it, but I won't publish it. Let me know. If you like, I can send you the poem.


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