22 Aug 2008

Try A Silent Film Party

Because they are a lot of fun. And not very silent at all. I'm going to admit to you all now that I am generally not so good with the whole party thing; firstly I find it overwhelming having so many people around; and there is usually no decent food or music either! My ideal party is one where there aren't TOO many people, there is good music playing (or better still live), there are tables with paper tablecloths and baskets of art supplies so you can create lavish art works if you're feeling antisocial, there is a GOOD array of food/drinks, and some intriguing lighting. But I like fancy dress parties because at least you can have a bit of fun putting together a costume if nothing else. It was for my beautiful friend Lucy's 22nd birthday - and a couple of us had dinner before hand which was lots of fun; the strange glaces at our top hats and big coats. Lucy's friends are much like her (thoughtful and a bit whacky) so there was some good conversation too. Ah, Fancy dress parties are just the best. Some themes I'd love to have:
*a lavish masquerade (think David Bowie + Labyrinth)
*50s rockabilly
*favourite childhood television character (Gumby? Banana Man? Captain Planet?)
*dress as your favourite season
*60s beatnik (complete with an open mike for poor poetry attempts)

NOW tell me what themes you'd like to don a costume for?
And me? I went for the whole Lili Damita flapper/bead look




    Hee. My favourite of those themes is decidedly the Lavish Masquerade. I was going to have one for my 18th but ended up having a hat party instead... Speaking of, I love the beaded cap, it's amazing.

    Jennifer Connolly in that dress and mask... And David Bowie in those tights and mask... Mmm.

  2. Your thoughts on parties are exactly mine - we must be kindred spirits!

    My favourite party would definitely be a Masked Ball. I've always wanted to have one ever since I saw "Amadeus". I kinda makes everyone anonymous and alluring - you can socialise as much or as little as you want because nobody knows it's you behind the mask.

    And as for the photo of you Emily - it's just amazing. You look awesome!

  3. You look wonderful! I do enjoy fancy dress, another excuse to be creative I suppose.

    I am not a party person really myself. I mostly work at parties as the entertainer, but I'm not very good at being a guest, if I cannot sing, then I would rather hide, or stay home!

  4. Oh Caitlin, you and YOUR PIRATES! And lets try not to think too much on David Bowie and those spandex tights.

    Carolyn, I was always sure we were kindrid spirits! But I am glad I am not the only one who feels a bit misplaced at parties. I'm glad you like the masked ball idea as well; but I am thinking that you can't go past a good Narnia/Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter party; where you have to dress and act as your favourite character. Oh yes! And we've offer foods that are mentioned in the book and have different related activities. I say, for my next birthday that's what I'll do!

    Dear Mechelle,
    Would you go to above-mentioned party? I'm sure you'd make a good elf :p And there'd be plenty of singing opportunities for you!

  5. Emily, you look truly gorgeous, as always. ^_^

    As for party themes - I've had a few in my day. ^_^ Last year to celebrate the 7th book I hosted a Harry Potter themed party which proved a great success! Everyone dressed as a favourite character (I was Luna ^_^), we had appropriately Hogwarts-y food, a horcrux hunt and a trivia contest. Ah me... How I love being a nerd. ^_^

    I really want a 60s themed birthday for my 21st, being a lover of that era and it's music. Otherwise...a mythology theme would be fun...and...ooo...blue. That would be an amazing theme! haha. I bought some beautiful too-big-for-me blue dresses at an op-shop in Newtown and I'm in the middle of taking them apart to remake them into garments that fit me. Much excitement! Anyway, enough of my rambles. See you in class on Wednesday! ^_^

    - Jess <3


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