29 Aug 2008

Tree Climbing

You are never too oldYou are never ill-dressedMy love of trees and getting into them I attribute almost entirely to my dad. From a young age he instilled in us the qualities of a good tree-climber; and my childhood is littered with times that he stopped the car (full of four children) to inspect "potential" trees. I like that when we went on camps and various other outdoor adventures my dad would be the first and bravest person to go up trees. I like that he would build fold-out-ladders and harness-contraptions so that we could get up too; and see the world; as a tree does. It is very rare that we are able to get off the ground and be entirely in the whims of a living thing... I have always been drawn to trees; in all their majesty, beauty, history. I guess that's where my tree-hugging tendencies come from too. Still, it was no surprise then, that when Caitlin and I decided to climb trees after our picnic that I thought of my dad; and my heart warmed.


  1. my husband is in trees more than on the ground - and SUCH an adept tree-climber, he is. He often sits atop the cottonwood (50-60 feet up) at his parent's house...condescending to me as if a god.

    to hear your post via the daughter perspective made my heart leap into the future - imagining what my possible daughters to be might think of their dad.

    thank you for the warming whimsy.

  2. Ha, I was just going to tell you about the Mme.'s husband (and I will attest to his tree-climbing needs - I've seen it first hand many a time) but since she beat me here (and she DID marry him, so she DOES have story telling rights) I'll just say this:


    There are tree roots that grow in my bones, little pale leaves that unfurl in my lungs and long slender branches that hide in my hands too.

    I'm really glad that you will be taking part in the "30 Days." I was hoping you would so I could see more of your magical world.

  3. Oh I do think Mme, your husband and my father would be kindred tree-enthusists.. and your possible children will be born with extra grippy hands and feet and a real sense of fearlessness and adventure (which is most four year olds I've met) but you will experience at newborn stage; a child struggling out of your arms to climb atop the cupboard and your head in the night time... and you are most welcome for warming whimsy anytime :)

    Oh Dove!
    You were beaten to it; but I feel as if I am really begining to see Mme's husband's tree-climbing tendencies... and I can tell you both now - age will NOT deter him! At 53 my dad is still going strong... I suspected from perusing your blog, nature photos, and shop full of beautifully crafted things that seem to grow as you look at them; that you would have some tree and roots in your bones. And a little elvish too I think..

    It is with great pleasure that I take part in your "30-days"; I think its a wonderful idea and I'm excited that so many others are doing it too!


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