28 Aug 2008

Seeing Red

This week the lovely Caitlin and I settled on a red theme for our picnic. We did not let the brooding rain clouds stop us from venturing to Victoria Park and laying out our spread beneath a shady tree. We enjoyed fresh strawberries, cherry tomatoes and a lovely Greek salad from Caitlin.And I made us little lemon and raspberry friands, chicken sandwiches, sliced capsicum, rice crackers, and steaming hot tea (thanks to the boiling water urn in the Women's Room)We both did our best to wear hints of the colour
Our duck friends, which I'll name Percival and Pepita to make things easier, almost got blown away with us but personally, I think they were having a grand time.
When conversation with Percival and Pepita had died down, and our delicious spread devoured, we decided to start climbing trees (dedicated post will appear soon) And in true Australian style the clouds parted and we saw blue once more:I say I say, is this what you call Winter?


  1. Definitely worth the hour and a half we spent with our teeth chattering... And of course today was extra lovely just to spite us!
    We should have a baking afternoon sometime soon, I covet your friand making skills so much. Truly mouth-watering.

  2. can we transport our picnic indoors? to the kitchen? have a 50s theme? I think we can... And maybe its a chance for you to muscle up and venture south :p

  3. I imagine you have a lovely low sing-song voice, the kind that weaves a tale and all around can not help but be drawn into.

    And yes (in answer to your previous post) I think you do have some gypsy in you!

  4. climbing trees!!! my favourite. ^_^ wow...have not done that in so long... i guess i was spoiled when i was young, because we had the best climbing trees in and around our farm in ohio. sigh... i will have to start exploring my australian options! ^_^

  5. Australian trees are the best to climb, because they're near impossible to get up. If anyone can give me a photo of someone actually up a gum tree I will be mighty impressed.
    And yes, Emily dear, I think a 50's kitchen day is in order.
    Roman and I made the most amazing apple pie today, it's going in the good recipe pile. :)


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