4 Aug 2008

Many thanks sister and mother for humouring me

No one is safe in my house from getting their photo taken. Not even the cat. Isn't my sister Maddy beautiful? She denies this fact to no end but I've always thought she has the most exquisite eyes. I'm sure if she reads it she'll deny it profusely but you and I know better. I have always wanted to shave my hair off just because I like the look of it on women but Madeleine beat me to it last year. She's got nerves that girl. And it suited her perfectly, and as it grew longer so she became more elvish. She also decided to go blonde. I wasn't sure what I thought of it at first but now I really like it. She's going through her final year of high school and is currently trying to complete three major works (that is no mean feat). We're only 20 months apart in age and spent most of our childhood sharing a room and doing most things together. I love her infectious sense of humour, freckles, moody outbreaks, door slamming, wonderful ideas, conversation, love of food, inventiveness. What would I do without Maddy you ask? And the answer is I honestly don't know what I'd do; but I do know my life is brighter and significantly more satisfying for having her in it.


  1. That MADDY
    is a picture perfect
    "...the hills are alive with the sound of music..."

    Bella bella!

    And so elven indeed that I would expect to find her hiding behind my cabbage roses in garden yon.

    By the way, if you need any Christmas present ideas for her I know EXACTLY what she needs (Curious?). It will suit her elf self very perfectly...it might even enhance it:)

  2. You have a stunning family!

    (I'm free between 12 and 2 next Tuesday if you'd like to have a drink at uni. Let me know.)

    Love, Genevieve

  3. A beautiful family, and of course the photography is flawless as usual.
    Let's get tea sometime soon my dear.

  4. Oh Plume! I just can't wait to find out about these marvellous christmas ideas... she's a mysterious elven kind that maddy...

    And thankyou dear Genevieve and Caitlin for your lovely comments; I say my mother and sister are handsome as ever! And Why can't we all have tea? I promise to bring spicy apple muffins..

  5. And i'll bring cupcakes!


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